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Sifu Brian Lewadny


For over 50 years Sifu Brian Lewadny has dedicated his life to martial arts. Since 1964 Sifu Lewadny has studied a diverse array of martial arts styles, including; Shotokan Karate, Tein Tao Chi Kung, Chin Na and Modified Wing Chun. Sifu Lewadny has achieved his instructors level in Woo Dip Poon Hop Moon (Butterfly style) and in Hung Gar (Tiger Crane style) and Wing Chun kung fu.

In 1981 he opened the Sil Lum Pai Kung Fu school teaching primarily the Woo Dip, Hung Gar and Modified Wing Chun styles. Master Brian Lewadny traveled to Melbourne Australia to study the Traditional Art of Wing Chun directly under Grand Master William Cheung. Today Sifu Lewadny is the head of the Canadian Wing Chun Kung Fu Association and oversees the Calgary Academy as well as Association Member Schools in Canada, the U.S.A and Europe.

Grand Master William Cheung said, “In my career I have had only two exceptional students, both with the same initials BL, one is no longer with us (Bruce Lee) and the other is standing right over there (Sifu Brian Lewadny). I only wish that when I was a student I had a teacher like him.”

1962 – Began training in Boxing and Wrestling through the YMCA in Fort William, Ontario.
1964 – Started training in Shito-Ryu and Shotokan Karate with the Fort William School of Karate.
1966 – Received “Beyond The Call Of Duty Award” from the Government of Ontario, and “On Her Majesty’s Service Award” in conjunction with the Governor General of Canada and the Royal Canadian Humane Society for the saving of a life.
1972 – Began studying Woo Dip Kung Fu under Sifu Suen Sheuk Ming at the Ying Ming Kung Fu School.
1975 – Began training in Modified (hard style) Wing Chun Kung Fu with Simon Fung.
1980 – Graduated to Senior Instructor of the Ying Ming Kung Fu School.
1981 – Sifu Suen Sheuk Ming passed on his Ying Ming Kung Fu School to Sifu Brian Lewadny.
1981 – Opened the Sil Lum Pai Kung Fu School with training in the Woo Dip, Hung Gar, and Wing Chun styles of Kung Fu.
1985 – Became member of the Chinese National Chi Kung Institute (Tien Tao Chi Kung).
1986 – Trained full time with Grandmaster William Cheung in Australia in Traditional Wing Chun (soft style).
1987 – Graduated with the highest Instructor mark in the Wing Chun school at that time.
1987 – Introduced traditional Wing Chun to Canada, opening the first School in Canada in Thunder Bay, Ontario.
1988 – Developed the first Martial Arts Program for Disabled individuals.
1988 – Sponsored by the Solicitor General of Canada and the March of Dimes, conducted the first-in-Canada series of seminars for the Disabled.
1990 – Established the Canadian Wing Chun Association Apprentice Instructor Program.
1994 – Appointed Head Master of the North American Wing Chun Association by World Wing Chun Kung Fu Association Master, William Cheung.
1995 – Developed the En Garde Self Protection/ Self Empowerment Program.
2000 – Marked 25 years of teaching in the Martial Arts.
2013 – Celebrated over 50 years in Martial Arts and over 25 years with the Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy in Calgary.

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